UnControlled Substance

with Dr. Cozzette Lyons-Jones

CoHost – Noel Jones II



Talk Segments:

The Check-in – Show Overview, Updates and Events

The Waiting Room – Health Awareness Moments

The Examination Room – Interview/ Physician sharing

The Check out and The Prescription – Tools, Information and a Call to Action

What is UNCONTROLLED SUBSTANCE clinical radio?

Each show follows the movement of a health topic or an individual through each of the clinical segments. Dr. Cozzette uses her expertise as a physician in public health, ministry, and her passion for health justice to empower listeners to self-efficacy and self-advocacy towards health and wellness. We also seek to increase health literacy and present topics relevant to the community, while keeping it real. Wisdom and life-changing inspirations from cohost Noel Jones, II.

Upcoming Show Topic – COVID-19

Priceless messages from a doc who cares


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